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booksAlvus II Publishing publishes the historical novels written by author Jerry Alvus Matney. Most books relate stories of Native American historical figures who lived in the American West. In 2011 Jerry published a memoir about growing up in northern Texas. Most books are available in print, and all are now available as eBooks from Smashwords, Amazon, B&N and other eBook outlets. Visit the book websites for more information. You can contact Jerry at:   Thank you for visiting!

Woman War ChiefWoman War Chief

This entertaining book tells the story of a Native American hunter and warrior who rose through the ranks of her tribe to become a Crow chief. Born in 1800, the girl called Pine Leaf always knew she wanted to be a warrior and hunter instead of being a lodge woman - and that's what she did! She lived in the area now called Montana and Wyoming.

Five Scalps Five Scalps

In the late 1700s, Edward Rose grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. After living awhile in New Orleans, he headed for the Rocky Mountains where he earned the name Five Scalps from the Crow. Ed Rose knew Woman War Chief. He worked as a trader and interpreter, spending much of his life with the Crow and Arikara. He gained the large scars on his face in a bar fight in Kentucky.

The Sandy Creek Boys
The Sandy Creek

This interesting memoir contains nearly 100 stories about the Matney boys, four brothers who found inventive and rambunctious ways to have fun in the Big Sandy Creek area. From the 1930s to the 1950s, these boys and their friends often got into trouble. The stories range from intimate to hilarious to hair raising as they try to outdo each other.


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