Woman War Chief Woman War Chief

This engaging story tells how a brave Native American female became a legendary Crow chief. Born in 1800, Pine Leaf longed to be a hunter who rode with the tribe's males instead of learning how to be a lodge woman. As she grew she stubbornly proved that she could ride, hunt and fight with the best. She fulfilled her dreams of leading warriors into battle in the land later called Montana and Wyoming.

Five Scalps Five Scalps

In the late 1700s, Ed Rose earned his facial scars in a bar fight in Kentucky. His travels and search for adventure led him to the plains east of the Rocky Mountains. Rose, a guide, interpreter and trader, hunted and fought alongside the Crow, the Arikara, white trappers and explorers and the US Army. He rode with the Crow hunters who captured the girl who became Woman War Chief.

The Texas Comancheria The Texas Comancheria

The battle for Texas was fought on many fronts. This book centers on the efforts of the Comanche to maintain their way of life, the homesteading adventures of the Parkers, and the task of the Texas Rangers to protect Texas settlers from raids. In 1836 Comanche captured a white girl from the Parker fort; decades later her son, Quanah Parker, was one of the last Comanche to surrender at Fort Sill.

Running Eagle Running Eagle

Running Eagle was born near the Rocky Mountains in the late 1700s. With her tribe she hunted for food and fought enemy tribes; she was praised for her bravery. She often stole horses from other tribes and is remembered for her vision quest to a waterfall named after her. This book explores the traditions of her people, along with the threat they faced from encroaching fur trappers.

The Sandy Creek Boys The Sandy Creek Boys

This entertaining memoir contains a hundred stories about the Matney boys, four brothers who found creative ways to have fun in the land around Big Sandy Creek. From the 1930s to the 1950s, these boys and their friends often skirted danger and the law. Stories range from intimate to hilarious to frightening as the growing boys learn to live alongside cows and dogs while constantly trying to outdo each other.

  Shanghai Sequoyah Pierce



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